During the Exodus, a ‘pillar of cloud’ protected the Children of Israel from the shooting arrows of the Egyptians in hot pursuit. Today we celebrate the mighty sacrifices and bravery of the soldiers of the IDF, shielding Israel from its enemies. May the God of Israel continue to protect His people through His pillar of… Read more »

This verse describes one of the most shocking incidents recorded in the Bible: Shechem the son of Hamor, the ruler of the city, kidnapped and raped Dinah, Jacob’s only daughter. A biblical 16th c. commentator, the Sforno, adds that the fact that Shechem acted without shame, and with total immunity, was demonstrative of the fact… Read more »

The great miracle of Hanukkah was that when the Maccabees re-entered the Temple to light the Menorah, they only found a little jar with enough oil for one night, but when they lit it, the flame of the Menorah burned for 8 days. Today Hanukkah is commemorated by Jews around the world by the lighting… Read more »

We learn in the Bible about how the Jewish priests (the “kohanim”) would assist the people in bringing gifts of offerings so they could feel closer to God. Sometimes the offering was given just for the love of God, and sometimes it was given to show gratitude or repentance. In our lives, gifts have a… Read more »

In King David’s final days, he publicly blesses the Almighty with the beautiful words of today’s verse. David was a mighty warrior for Israel whose bravery on the battlefield was deeply woven with his belief that all strength is a gift from God. The Israel Defense Forces are the mighty warriors of our days who… Read more »

Sarah Litman and Ariel Biegel were supposed to get married mid November. Instead the bride sat in mourning for her father and brother who were gunned down by terrorists while on their way to celebrate the Shabbat before the wedding. The couple decided to deliver a powerful message and sent out the following message to… Read more »

This is none other than the house of God – The ground upon which Jacob spends the night and encounters God was none other than the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. When Jacob awakens, he realizes that it is no ordinary place, but “the gate of the heavens”, the most propitious place for prayers to ascend… Read more »

King David faced difficulties throughout his life, yet his “attitude of gratitude” serves as an eternal lesson to us all. Even when times are challenging, we must stop and remember to “give thanks to His holy name,” as King David did.

There is a wonderful story about Israel’s first Chief Rabbi, Abraham Isaac Kook who in 1924 was invited to a tree planting ceremony and given the honor of placing the first sapling.  The ordinarily dignified Rabbi became very emotional as he bent low to the ground. Suddenly, Rabbi Kook threw away the shovel and passionately… Read more »

After Abraham demonstrates his unwavering faith in God with the binding of Isaac, the Lord repeats His original promise of Genesis 12:3, and assures Abraham here that all the nations of the world will be blessed through Abraham. When we look at the contributions that the State of Israel has made to the entire world… Read more »

Despite Israel’s unrelenting enemies, it is the way of the Jewish nation to have “hope for the future” as described in today’s verse by Jeremiah. This may explain why Israelis consistently rate high in international happiness surveys!

Hanukka commemorates the miraculous victory of a small band of Jewish brothers, the Maccabees, over the mighy Seleucid Greek army. The name ‘Maccabee’ is an acronym from the first four Hebrew words of today’s verse, “Who is like You O Lord,” a declaration of total dedication to the One God. The battle waged by the… Read more »

The Bible requires that a farmer leave the corners of his field, forgotten sheaves of grain, gleanings that drop from the hands of the gleaner, and small grapes left on the vine, to be given to the poor. In the Holy Land today there is great poverty and Leket Israel is an organization that “gleans”… Read more »

As our verse describes, the righteous Samuel grew up in the service of God, and found favor in all those around him. He went on to annoint the first Kings of Israel, Saul and David. The name Samuel means “God has heard” referring to God answering the fervent prayers of his mother, Hannah, who was… Read more »

This verse imparts an obligation upon each of us to actively search for and see the goodness inherent in God’s beloved Jerusalem. Fulfill these words by learning more about our spiritual capital!