Though it may not always appear as such at first glance, every single verse in the Bible comes to teach a truly powerful lesson about humanity and the values with which each person should live by. Today’s verse is no different: God requires from us to walk humbly each day of our lives. Our commentators… Read more »

As the Israelites stand with the sea in their path and the Egyptians in pursuit, God asks Moses rhetorically why he is still praying when he should be commanding the people to cross the sea. Why does God discourage prayer here; isn’t prayer the ideal response to a difficult situation? Our Sages say that there… Read more »

In today’s verse, we learn of God’s decision to change the name of our forefather Avram to Avraham. The meaning of the name Avraham comes from the Hebrew root “Av” (אב) which means “father.” Therefore we see that Avraham was the father of all the nations for it was Avraham who began the unique recognition… Read more »

Look closely at today’s verse; are the beautiful blessings promised by God material or spiritual in nature, and why? Notice that only material rewards for prosperity are listed, with no mention of earned spiritual merit. Our Sages found this strange and explained it as follows: One who has food and security, and all of his… Read more »

In recent years, more and more ultra Orthodox Israelis have gained inspiration from today’s verse and have volunteered to serve in the IDF. The LIBI Fund provides support for these Biblical warriors who are “Guarding the Nation, Guarding the Torah” while making sure their unique religious needs are met.

The excerpt from this week’s Torah portion teaches us about the Menorah of the Tabernacle. Made of pure gold, the Menorah was lit with pure olive oil and gave off a radiant light. The light of the Menorah is symbolic of the Jewish Nation’s duty to spread the light of Torah and God’s will. The… Read more »

This verse describes God’s interest in every star by giving them names. By extension, God has great interest and involvement with each and every one of us, whom He also relates to, through our given name. According to Jewish tradition, one’s name has a deep spiritual dimension, as the chosen name determines a person’s character… Read more »

There is a wonderful story about Israel’s first Chief Rabbi, Abraham Isaac Kook who in 1924 was invited to a tree planting ceremony and given the honor of placing the first sapling. The ordinarily dignified Rabbi became very emotional as he bent low to the ground. Suddenly, Rabbi Kook threw away the shovel and passionately… Read more »

Isaiah’s stirring words take on incredible meaning in our generation, as the Land of Israel stands at the forefront of the world’s attention like never before. Efforts to vilify the Jewish State seem to expand every day across the globe, as does the growing movement of Biblical Zionists who stand with the nation of Israel… Read more »

The origins of Pesach (Passover) lie in the Springtime celebrations of the first grain harvest. The holiday celebrates God’s great redemptive act of the Jews’ exodus from slavery in Egypt to freedom. According to Jewish law, it is forbidden to eat or even possess any food that can contain leaven, chamtez, on Passover. Therefore, a… Read more »

The Sabbath itself is designated as a sign that God created the world; resting from work is the sign that the Jewish Nation recognizes God as the Creator. Each week Jews reaffirm their submission to God through sanctifying the Sabbath and they proclaim this very verse during the ‘Kiddusha Rabba’ Sabbath Day prayer.

Psalms were originally accompanied – and inspired – by music. King David had his harp hung over his bed while he slept and in the middle of the night, the wind blowing through his open window would make the strings stir. Inspired by this heavenly music, David would compose the Tehillim. We can learn a… Read more »

The biblical story of David vs Goliath, described in today’s verse, gives us tremendous encouragement as Israel stands on the frontline against massive enemies. No matter how uneven the odds, God grants victory to whomever He desires. While our enemies come with modern day “spears and javelins” the small nation of Israel defends the Land… Read more »

The Holy City of Jerusalem is filled with thousands of years of ancient stories, from the times of our Biblical patriarchs, even until today, where tourists and citizens of all ages walk the very paths where our ancestors once stepped. As Isaiah illuminates in today’s verse, Jerusalem, or Zion, is even more than a source… Read more »

Amnon, a friend who lives in Judea, recently shared with Israel365 that Palestinian Arabs in his area are trying to take over Israel State-owned land by planting trees and grapevines of their own. Often, with international funding, the Arabs are trying to change the facts on the ground to ensure that they will have control… Read more »