Born Stanley Martin Lieber in Manhattan to Romanian Jewish immigrants in 1922, Lee sidestepped the horrors of the Holocaust. As a boy, he aspired to be a writer but at the age of 17, with the help of his uncle, he got a job as an assistant at the newly established Timely Comics. Writing text filler for Captain America comics, he began using his now iconic pen-name. He joined the Army Signal Corps in 1942 and wrote training manuals and slogans, made training films, and even penned cartoons.

With more than 40 percent of Israel Defense Force (IDF) combat soldiers being very religious and the vast majority of the others keeping traditional Judaism, having a proper place to pray while protecting the Holy Land is of great importance. To that end Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers is raising funds for a synagogue on wheels which will travel with IDF combat soldiers as they move from place to place.

Israeli Arab/Muslim bus driver is brought into trauma center after his bus received a direct hit from anti-tank missile from Gaza. He says “God loves the Jews, minutes before before my bus was hit 50 Israeli soldiers de-boarded, they all would have died, its a miracle.”

In 1998, the World Kindness Movement, a coalition of kindness NGOs, came together and encouraged the international community to recognize November 13 as “World Kindness Day.” This day is now focused on increasing acts of kindness, concentrating on the positive power of kindness that binds one to another, encouraging individuals to overlook boundaries, race and religion, and unite in goodness.

At this year’s 37th Annual A Night To Honor Israel event at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio held by John Hagee Ministries, Israeli non-profit Just One Life (JOL) was awarded $100,000 for its live-saving counseling of expectant mothers. The organization was among another 11 charity and non-profit organizations from Israel and the United States that received money fundraised by JHM’s national television audience.

The koteret was the first Jewish perfume, according to Shimon and Sarah Barda, who today use some of the incense offering’s original herbs and flowers, and many other natural scents, to create a line of perfumes, creams and deodorants without aluminum, added colors or chemicals. The couple investigated and collected thousands of plants and established a laboratory and manufacturing facility in the biblical heartland that sells a wide-range of natural products.