UNESCO has passed several resolutions attacking the connection between Israel and the Jewish holy sites, but this week, the Executive Board passed two new resolutions aimed specifically at the Biblical matriarchs. One rabbi sees this as a continuation of the Biblical battle between Isaac and Ishmael and a closer look shows how this is nothing less than an after-the-fact attempt to block the Jews’ return from exile.

The former CIA and NSA operative, who disclosed American and British surveillance operations – stunning intelligence agencies worldwide, is expected to speak at an Israeli conference in early November. The conference, organized by Israeli media consulting firm OH! Orenstein Hoshen, will host Snowden via a secure video-link from his secret hideout in Russia, where he will answer questions put forward by the Israeli audience and is expected to speak about issues pertaining specifically to Israel.

The Trump administration issued a new policy effective Monday, in which domestic partners of foreign diplomats and UN officials posted in the United States must show the State Department proof of marriage by December 31, or leave the country within 30 days. This means that same-sex partners of foreign staffers who are not legally married will no longer be eligible for a spousal visa allowing them to remain in the U.S.