Medical Miracles

Republican administrations in the US have generally dismissed the danger of global warming, saying that any fluctuations in temperatures are “natural.” Last October, President Donald Trump – who still favors the use of petroleum to make things go and has called global warming “a hoax” – cast doubt on a report by his own government that cautioned about the calamitous effects of climate change.

While plastics are a huge global industry that has produced cheap and utilitarian products for everyone and revolutionized the world, in the long term, this was one of the least beneficial pieces of avuncular advice ever given to a young person. Plastic, made from natural materials such as cellulose, coal, natural gas, salt and crude oil, is discarded everywhere because it is so cheap. And the world is choking to death from this tidal wave of omnipresent material.

Called Mishkan Shmuel (“The House of Samuel”), the house of prayer was presented with a Torah scroll more than a century old that survived the Holocaust in Romania, unlike the Jews who read from it and were murdered by the Nazis. The scroll was repaired with new parchment and brought to the new synagogue under a blue marriage canopy, as celebrants sang and played music, according to tradition.