Medical Miracles

There is a no greater tragedy than when a parent buries his or her child; it’s again the natural course of things. When this results from incurable disease, it is agonizing. But when the death results from an unintentional – and preventable – accident, the tragedy is absolutely heart rending and the cause of great guilt for the rest of the parent’s life, even if not present at the scene of the accident.

The Bible is not shy about discussing unmentionable, unpleasant and embarrassing subjects, even what to do with human excrement. Strict rules of Jewish law address all aspects of everyday life including public sanitation and personal hygiene. These rules are very important in Jewish practices, demanding a high standard of public health required of leaders as well as the individual.

Cancer is not a single disease but a whole range of different diseases, the treatment of which is different, the treatment is different, and the prognosis is different. The process of DNA damage that causes uncontrolled division of the cells can begin for various reasons, not always known and clear. It may persist for years, so that the outbreak of the disease is already a relatively late stage in a long and sometimes imperceptible process.

One minute, a person is talking, smiling and rushing about. Suddenly, he has difficulty speaking and understanding you. He has trouble walking, is dizzy, loses his balance or has lost coordination. Half of his body – the face, an arm or a leg – may be numb or paralyzed. He may have trouble seeing in one or both eyes or see double. A sudden, severe headache explodes in his head.