Scenes of Israel

Jaffa Gate, as seen in today’s picture taken by Ester Ozsardas, is one of eight gates allowing entry into the Old City of Jerusalem. The entryway was inaugurated in 1538 CE as part of the rebuilding of the Old City walls by Sileiman the Magnificent, a sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

Today’s photo by Yehoshua HaLevi taken amid the community of Bat Ayin which lies in the hills of Judea, shows a stunning orchard, planted and cultivated by the residents of the community all of whom came to fulfill the Biblical commandment to beautify the Land of Israel.

Just behind this strong, solitary tree that stands in the Ziv Valley, west of the Rimon Crater in southern Israel is a cliff where you can see several caves that have been carved out. The caves are used for safekeeping by the local Bedouin community, showing that the land has many hidden secrets just beyond… Read more »