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Yahad-United for Israel’s Soldiers, the ONLY Israeli government sanctioned charity permitted to provide for IDF soldiers’ welfare, has been tasked with providing a MOBILE SYNAGOGUE which will travel with Israel’s soldiers as they serve. Israel’s army runs on the Jewish calendar, often celebrating Shabbat, the High Holidays and Passover while out in the field, protecting… Read more »

Solomon Souza is a talented young street artist. Souza’s art is well-known in Jerusalem. He has spray-painted most of the shutters in the city’s nearly 100-year-old open air Mahaneh Yehuda market – also known as “the shuk.” Souza is the artist-in-residence for The Israel Innovation Fund (TIIF), an organization creating relevant programs to showcase Israel’s diverse culture.

The end of October, leading to Thanksgiving, is always a busy time for pumpkin growers. It is the perfect time to check out Israel’s pumpkin agriculture. This video highlights fourth generation farmers in Southern Israel, who make interesting dishes from the pumpkins they grow.