David Nekrutman

Reading from The Israel Bible- the world’s first Hebrew Bible to highlight the special relationship between the land and the people of Israel – Glick spoke about the prophetic beginnings of Hanukkah, maintaining, “Hanukkah is celebrated in the darkest time of the year, on the longest and darkest night, but by putting the menorah in our windows, we can bring light to the entire world.” He continued, “That’s our job on Hanukkah – to remind the world that even in the darkest of darkness, we had a connection to the light of the menorah, to the Temple, to God and to Jerusalem.”

Last week, the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries issued a statement calling on Israel to rescind its Nation-State Law. The law, though controversial, has no real practical implications but the pushback from the Catholic Church may do serious damage to Jewish-Christian relations which have been steadily improving since the Second Vatican Council more than 50 years ago.