Gog and Magog

A 37-page document, the culmination of an almost year-long Mueller investigation and presented to Congress last week, concluded that the Russian government launched an insidious and successful attack against the United States (US) using two formidable weapons: social media and the internet. This comes as no surprise to Rabbis who see the internet as one of the major battlefields in the War of Gog and Magog.

A group of researchers has discovered that the Yellowstone caldera, one of the most worrisome seismic hotspots in the world, has been unusually active in recent months as a result of magma filling up in the underneath chamber of the supervolcano. One rabbi thinks he knows the end-of-days context for this and though it may seem incongruous, he believes it is connected to the conflict in Syria.

Artificial intelligence is advancing at a lightning pace, already being adopted for military use, raising questions as to what role this powerful new technology will play in the end-of-days: Will it be a terrifying rogue combatant in the final Biblical War of Gog and Magog, or will it be an unforeseen savior of mankind and even have a possible role in the resurrection of the dead?