Palestine’s Arabs went through an expulsion, just like tens of millions around the world, including Jews. But the Palestinians are the only ones who adopted an ethos of rejectionism, self-victimization, suffering and death. For 70 years now, the Nakba isn’t just a memory. It’s the ethos, the identity, the lifetime achievement.

There’s a bogeyman out there: the impending inundation of  Arabs into Israel. “Dateline Jerusalem: A demographic study released Tuesday predicts that in Israel and the Palestinian territories, Arabs will outnumber Jews by the year 2020.”

Sarah Stern

For the sixth Friday in a row, protestors from Gaza came to Israel’s border with intentions to penetrate it. They come with scissors to cut through the fence, with burning tires, Molotov cocktails, slingshots with rocks, and kites with firebombs attached to them to destroy Israeli farmlands and villages.

Jim Fletcher

Whenever we discuss the Palestinians, and the peace process, or anything else related to Israel’s security and sovereignty, we must remember that the Arabs will never stop agitating and inciting to violence, in order to—in their minds—begin the “liberation of Palestine.”