President Mahmoud Abbas

The latest short, intense flare up of violence between Israel and Hamas-controlled Gaza appears to have concluded. … So should the latest confrontation be simply filed away as a passing episode in a seemingly endless, if mostly contained conflict? Not quite. Israel’s central dilemma regarding Hamas-controlled Gaza can be discerned behind Israeli decision-making in recent… Read more »

U.S. President Donald Trump has many competing issues to contend with. The longest government shutdown in U.S. history and a Democratic Party majority in the House of Representatives, has stalled the domestic agenda. In foreign policy, his long-awaited Middle East peace plan has yet to be put on the table.

When a high-ranking leader in the Palestinian Authority made a statement directly contradicting what he declared to the global media just three weeks ago, the question changes from “did he lie?” to “which time was he lying?” Considering the plethora of important Palestinian policies he has commented on, the question takes on enormous importance.