Tel Aviv University (TAU)

Despite extensive research, breast cancer remains one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in women in the Western world. One case of such a malignancy can be very different from another. Some patients undergo surgery and recover, while other women (and, in one in 100 cases, men) struggle with radiotherapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy but still have difficulty fighting it because the tumors are resistant to treatment and spread to other organs.

Astronomers at Tel Aviv University’s Wise Observatory outside Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev have discovered evidence of a galaxy’s being gobbled up by its neighbors. They identified a heavenly body in the shape of a tadpole with an enormous tail about 500,000 light-years long and some 300 million light-years away from Earth. They said the “tadpole,” which had not been discovered until now because it shines in a very pale light, is composed of the remains of a dwarf galaxy created by swallowing two large nearby galaxies.