Yehudah Glick

A strange video surfaced on Facebook on Saturday, purportedly showing events that took place at the March of Return Riot on the Israeli border. It is difficult to make out since the camera moves around and also due to the bizarre subject matter. The video appears to be showing a group of men, at least one wearing the uniform of a Gazan medic, inundating a youth in an orange vest with tear gas. The men are wearing non-military gas masks.

Reading from The Israel Bible- the world’s first Hebrew Bible to highlight the special relationship between the land and the people of Israel – Glick spoke about the prophetic beginnings of Hanukkah, maintaining, “Hanukkah is celebrated in the darkest time of the year, on the longest and darkest night, but by putting the menorah in our windows, we can bring light to the entire world.” He continued, “That’s our job on Hanukkah – to remind the world that even in the darkest of darkness, we had a connection to the light of the menorah, to the Temple, to God and to Jerusalem.”

A very special gathering took place on Sunday night, commemorating a personal miracle that will go down in history as a powerful part of the prophetic return of the Jewish Temple. It requires a unique individual like Rabbi Yehudah Glick to throw a party celebrating the fourth anniversary of a vicious terrorist attack that came within a hair’s breadth of claiming his life.